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Prices for Walking Tours in Yerevan *
2 persons 3-5 persons 6 and more persons
38000  AMD / 65  28000 AMD / 50  19000 AMD / 35 

 Tour rates are indicated in drams(AMD) and euro (€) per person.

Dilijan National Park – Dilijan Park, called Dilijan National Park, was granted National Park status only in 2002. Here are more than a thousand species of plants and trees, such as oak, fennel, pine. There are more than 100 species of birds in the forests such as eagle, kite, spleen, and more than forty species of mammals – bears, foxes, wolves, leopards. Most animals are replicated to preserve species because they are on the verge of extinction. Here are many rivers and small lakes. One of them, Parz Lake or the “Parzka Lake” is located near the Goshavank Monastery, 15 km far from the town. The lake’s water is clear, pure. The forest is close to the water and dense trees are reflected in the mirror surface of the lake. If you look closely, you can easily catch a few real crayfish with your hands. And on the way to the lake, you can make a real adventure by doing a jeep racing. You can sit around the lake or organize a pleasant picnic with real Armenian barbeque.

Haghartsin monastic complex is located in the Aghstev river valley and can be reached by a dense forest road. Haghartsin’s name is translated as “eagle swing”. It is said that during the construction the architects saw the eagles on the dome, so the monastery complex was named after Haghartsin. St. Gregory Church is the main church of the complex built in the 11th century and is the oldest building in the complex. The second church, St. Astvatsatsin, was constructed a little later, in the 13th century. The monastery complex includes two churches, as well as a courtyard that serves for different purposes and a bell tower. There is a dining hall in the monastery area where it seems that the knights will appear soon.

Goshavank – the 13th century monastic complex is located in the small river valley, in the picturesque Dilijan oak forest. Mkhitar Gosh built Goshavank Monastery in the ruins of Getik monastery. The monastery covers two churches, St. Astvatsatsin and St. Grigor, as well as a chapel and a small chapel. To date, numerous manuscripts have been preserved in Goshavank. There is a cross-stone in the monastery, which is considered to be the most beautiful Armenian cross-stone in the world. The complex also includes a destroyed seminary and a library on which the two-story bell tower was built. This medieval monastery complex has been built over a century.

  • Tour rates are indicated in drams and rubles per person
  • Free of charge for children up to six years without a seat (in the lap of parents)
  • Children from 7 to 12 years old – 30% discount
  • Lunch: 7000 AMD or 1000 rubles. Calculation for one person (pure value)
  • The tour begins in Yerevan, from any convenient address
  • Almost all museums in Yerevan are closed on Mondays
  • The tour program can be edited at the guests’ request
DEPARTURE TIME Tour start time is variable and depends on the season. The exact time of the trip is coordinated on the spot with the guide
Access tickets for museums and historical-cultural centers A professional Russian speaker guide
Excursion service Water


Food: lunch or dinner during the excursion. We can arrange for food service in advance or can recommend a good restaurant
Alcoholic beverages

1.  Lake Sevan

2.  Sevanavank

3.  Dilijan

4.  Haghartsin monastic complex

        5.  Goshavank


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