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Echmiadzin (former name Vagharshapat) was created in the first half of the II century on the site of Vardgesavan’s ancient settlement. After 163, when Artashat was destroyed by the Romans, the city became a political, cultural, and then religious and educational center of the country.

Echmiadzin is located not far from Yerevan. It is a pilgrimage place by Armenians around the world, as it is the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

St. Hripsimeh Church was built in 618. The interior of the church has a rectangular shape, an exteriorized cross that is made up of four semi-circular apsids. There are chapels in four corners. According to the legend, Hripsimeh was buried under one of them. The building is extremely modest. In 1790 the bell tower was built. In the courtyard of the church are kept Supported gates, painted with pearl color in 1741.

St. Gayaneh Church was built in the 630th century on the place of the 4th century chapel, where, according to legend, is Gayaneh’s cemetry. The appearance of the temple is characterized by thin proportions, sharpness and severity. The church is decorated with floral ornaments placed on the doors and windows. The rectangular interior of the church is divided into two columns in three parts. Columns are intended for keeping the dome’s weight. In 1652, it was completely renovated, and in 1683 the hall was added to it for burying the Armenian leaders. At the corners of the hall are dazzling bells on the dome, and there are many decorative engravings on the architectural details. At the entrance there is a 17th century fresco based on one of the New Testament themes.

Mother Cathedral and its surrounding – According to legend, the first patriarch Gregory the Illuminator had a dream where Christ, descended from heaven and marked with a fiery hammer in the right place for the construction of the temple. At this site in 303, where the ancient pagan temple was located at that time, the church was built and called Echmiadzin.

Echmiadzin is the residence of the Armenian Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians. His palace is in the yard of the monastery. At the entrance of the Catholicos’s residence, the “Trdates Gates” are erected, with the 4th century stone blocks preserved. It is believed that the palace of the Armenian kings was in the place of this gate.

In the 15th century, the main entrance to the western part of the Cathedral was opened, at the upper part of which there is a boulevard with high architectural design. The interior walls of the temple are also interesting. The formation of the church was completed in 1786 by artists of the talented Hovnatanian dynasty.

The rare feature of the church is that there are three altars. Two of them are located in the southern and northern parts, and the third one in the eastern part, but it is not so much an altar, but rather a sanctuary. According to the legend, Christ descended into the same place as it was.

For the protection of church relics and gifts, a chapel has been added to the temple in 1869, which is now a museum. The museum preserves sacred relics, Longgon’s spear, church clothes made of golden threads and pearls, ropes and crosses of the Catholicos, and many ritual items made of gold, silver and ivory. Here are the chairs of the Catholicos, made of ivory and decorated with pearls and silver paintings. Ancient manuscripts and miniatures were kept in Echmiadzin, which were later moved to Yerevan.

There is a printing house there, the Gevorkian Theological Seminary, as well as various administrative buildings, museums and cross-stones.

St. Shoghakat church was built in 1694 at the burial place of the virgins and has a “domed hall”. The only door leading to the church opens from the dome gallery on the western side. The dome of the church is kept inside only a few columns. Thanks to cautious calculations, builders quietly built it without intermediate support. The dome gallery at the top of the entrance keeps six columns. The strides and shapes of the pieces have much in common with the Cathedral and St. Hripsime temple designs.

Zvartnots Cathedral was built in 643-652 and is considered a place of pre-Christian and Christian Armenia’s unification. It is believed that the temple of pagan gods was built in the place of Zvartnots. According to historian Sebeos, it was here that King Tiridates III and Gregory the Illuminator met in 301. Historical sources do not have accurate information about the destruction of the temple (it is believed that it was destroyed by the earthquake of the 10th century). It is known that the ruins of the temple were covered by the 20th century, and only in 1904 excavations began under the direction of architect Toros Toromanian.

There is a museum in the Zvartnots museum-warehouse where the finds of the excavation site, the temple model designs are kept, as well as Urartu’s Georgian Russa the Second’s Protocol can be found at the entrance. A magnificent view of Mount Ararat opens from Zvartnots temple.

  • Tour rates are indicated in drams and rubles per person
  • Free of charge for children up to six years without a seat (in the lap of parents)
  • Children from 7 to 12 years old – 30% discount
  • Lunch: 7000 AMD or 1000 rubles. Calculation for one person (pure value)
  • The tour begins in Yerevan, from any convenient address
  • Almost all museums in Yerevan are closed on Mondays
  • The tour program can be edited at the guests’ request
DEPARTURE TIME Tour start time is variable and depends on the season. The exact time of the trip is coordinated on the spot with the guide
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