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Dendropark or Sochut is located in Stepanavan, Lori Province. It was founded by Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich in 1933. The vast majority of the territory of Dendropark is


In the charming village of Aruch there is one of the largest and most ancient Churches of the Armenian Republic, called the Cathedral of St. Gregory. A beautiful building is

Parajanov house-museum

Parajanov, who is one of the most mysterious figures of modern Armenian art, is a contemporary and collaborator of Fellini. He amazes the viewers with imagination, beauty, fantasy,


The majestic city Stepanakert is the capital of Artsakh or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The beautiful city located not far from Shushi, in 400 kilometers from sunny Yerevan.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin is the center of the Armenian Church, the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is where the Catholicos Of All Armenians lives, and the location of the Etchmiadzin


In the north-eastern part of Vayots Dzor, at the upper reaches of the river Arpa is the famous health resort of Jermuk. The town is surrounded with picturesque mountain ranges,


In ten kilometers from the second largest city of Armenia Gyumri is located the centuries-old Monastery Marmashen (Shirak region). The lovely Marmashen is located in one


The legendary Sardarapat, the place of one of the greatest battles in the history of our nation, occurred in May of the year one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. At

St. Hripsime Temple

St. Hripsime Temple was founded in 618 by Catholicos Komitas I Aghtsetsi. The temple is one of the most improved and preserved buildings among medieval structures. According to the legend,


The picturesque village of Dsegh is a town in the Lori Province, which is situated on one side of the Debed River. It was renamed to “Tumanyan” from 1938 to


Centuries-old Monastery complex Harichavank is located in 100 kilometers from the beautiful capital Yerevan, not far from the second largest city of Armenia Gyumri (Shirak region). The historical

Garni Temple

The Temple of Garni is one of the oldest sights in Armenia worth to be seen once in a lifetime. The true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia

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