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Mountain Aragac

Aragac is the highest mountain of our state (4090 m). It is one of the majestic places in Republic, also it is the centerof mountain and extreme tourism.  Every year


Goshavank is a beautiful medieval Monastery built in the 12th-13th century. Ancient Goshavank is located 120 kilometers from the capital Yerevan, near the resort town of Dilijan. The founder of

Erebuni Museum

Erebuni Museum was founded in 1968 in Arin Berd hill, on the place where Argishti I, the king of Urartu, built the Erebuni castle, in 782  A.D.. The museum presents

Lori Fortress

One of the famous sights of Armenia is the Lori Fortress. A charming medieval construction is located 140 kilometers from the capital Yerevan. The Great Lori Fortress was built in

Khor Virap

Originally established in 642 CE, the Khor Virap (Armenian for “deep dungeon”) Monastery did not take on its current and final incarnation until the 17th century, but even before its founding

Lake Stone

On the great and volcanic mountain Aragats (4090 m.), at an altitude of three thousand two hundred meters above sea level there is a small and beautiful Lake Stone (which


The majestic Noravank is one of the ancient and famous Monasteries in Armenia. The Monastery located 120 kilometers from the capital Yerevan, near the Yeghegnadzor city and


Matenadaran is one the world’s richest repository of ancient manuscripts, where about 18,000 manuscripts and 300,000 documents are kept. The main objective of the museum is to preserve,


The famous Shushi city and the eponymous great fortress, which for many centuries served as the support of the Armenian nation (as it was the dominant height) is located 350

Monastery Geghard

The ancient monastery complex Geghard (originally called Hayravank) was built in the fourth century AD and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical building is located near


Dendropark or Sochut is located in Stepanavan, Lori Province. It was founded by Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich in 1933. The vast majority of the territory of Dendropark is


In the charming village of Aruch there is one of the largest and most ancient Churches of the Armenian Republic, called the Cathedral of St. Gregory. A beautiful building is

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