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The great centuries-old art of the Armenian people is the Khachkars. 90 kilometers from Yerevan, on the beach of Lake Sevan located the village Noratus, where located the famous sight


Dilijan admires people with its unforgettable beauty and mild climate. If paradise had mountains, forests and springs, it would look like Dilijan.  Its vast territory occupies the banks of Aghstev


One of the most ancient and famous Monasteries in Armenia is Saghmosavank. It is located in 30 kilometers from the capital Yerevan, near the Kasakh River, near the village Mughni


One of the visiting centers of tourists in Armenia is the ancient cave city Khndzoresk. It located in the south of the Republic, in 10 kilometers from Goris. Amazing Khndzoresk

Dadivank Monastery

Dadivank Monastery (also Khutavank) is the largest monastic complex in Artsakh-Karabakh and one of the true masterpieces of Armenian medieval architecture. It is located in the


The Haghartsin Monastery, built in the X-XIII cc, is situated 18 km away from the town of Dilijan, in the woodlands of Tavush region. It is an indescribable example of blend

Lake Sevan

Despite being one of a few landlocked countries, Armenia is host to the majestic Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the world’s second largest alpine lake covering an area of nearly

Kecharis Monastery

The amazing Kecharis Monastery is located in Tsakhkadzor city (the center of winter tourism in Armenia). It is located 45 kilometers from the capital Yerevan. The beautiful Monastery was built


Goris is one of the biggest cities in Armenia and the second largest city in the Syunik region after the Kapan city. Goris located in two hundred forty kilometers from

Areni village

Areni village is located about 120 km from Yerevan on the banks of the river Arpa. The village of Areni is in Vayots Dzor region. This sunny village became famous


In the north-western part of Sevan Lake, where the peninsula towers over the transparent surface of the lake, there is a wonderful building. King Ashot Bagratuni’s daughter princess


Tsaghkadzor (“Valley of flowers”)   is a popular tourist town in the Republic of Armenia, that is located not far from the capital (50 km north-east from Yerevan). The town is

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