February 7, 2019
Should see

The famous Shushi city and the eponymous great fortress, which for many centuries served as the support of the Armenian nation (as it was the dominant height) is located 350 kilometers from Yerevan and 10 kilometers from the capital of Artsakh or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Stepanakert. The historical city and especially the fortress always served as the key to the whole Artsakh land, and in 1992, after the liberation of Shushi by Armenian soldiers, the outcome of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia had already been decided. Inside of Shushi there are many charming places for walking, also located the famous Church of St. Gazanchetsots, rebuilt after the war in 1994. During the war, Azerbaijani soldiers installed a weapons store in the Church, threw out the sculptures, and sold the beautiful bell, a few years later the relic was found, overbought and returned. Be sure to include this ancient city and the legendary fortress in your list of visits during your visit in Artsakh or Armenia and fill yourself with an unforgettable cultural and cognitive tour.

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