Monastery Geghard

February 5, 2019

The ancient monastery complex Geghard (originally called Hayravank) was built in the fourth century AD and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical building is located near the river Gokht, 30 kilometers from sunny Yerevan. According to legend, Saint Gregory the Illuminator built a magnificent building. Previously, the Monastery was called Gegardavank (Monastery of the Spear), and the present translation of Geghard is simply a spear. Among the centuries-old relics, the great is the Spear pierced the body of Jesus Christ, which is now exhibited in the Cathedral of Echmiadzin (the religious center of the Republic). On the territory of the medieval complex there are many interesting places, like Khachkars and ancient relics, and some of the buildings are built right in the rock. This is one of the ideal places for lovers of cultural and cognitive tours. Be sure to go to this charming place during your stay in Armenia and turn your visit into an unforgettable journey that will leave a distant mark in your memory about Armenia and the culture of its people.

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