February 7, 2019

Ancient and famous Gandzasar is the legendary Monastery of Artsakh or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. It is located in the village Vank, 400 kilometers from Yerevan and 50 kilometers from the capital of Artsakh Stepanakert. One of the pearls of Armenian architecture Gandzasar was built in the thirteenth century by Prince Hasan Jalal and served as the tomb of his family. In the history of Gandzasar there is also an episode of the sent letter to Peter the first, help against the Turkish yoke. According to legend, the head of John the Baptist is buried in the Monastery. In Gandzasar they also produce the eponymous amazing cognac. During the Karabakh war, the Complex was badly damaged by the deliberate strikes of the Azerbaijani aviation, but after the war it was reconstructed. On the territory of the historical Monastery you will find a church shop with candles and souvenirs, a library, a refectory and the Seminary building, and next to the Monastery is a grandiose monument of a lion erected right in the rock. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the magnificent Complex during your trip to Artsakh or Armenia and to fill yourself with unforgettable impressions of the Armenian centuries-old culture.

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