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In the north-western part of Sevan Lake, where the peninsula towers over the transparent surface of the lake, there is a wonderful building. King Ashot Bagratuni’s daughter princess


Matenadaran is one the world’s richest repository of ancient manuscripts, where about 18,000 manuscripts and 300,000 documents are kept. The main objective of the museum is to preserve,

Tatev Monastery

Tatev is a must-see attraction in Armenia. Among the architectural masterpieces, the monastery of Tatev doesn’t have its rivals. This was the richest medieval monastery in Armenia.

Erebuni Museum

Erebuni Museum was founded in 1968 in Arin Berd hill, on the place where Argishti I, the king of Urartu, built the Erebuni castle, in 782  A.D.. The museum presents

Khor Virap

Originally established in 642 CE, the Khor Virap (Armenian for “deep dungeon”) Monastery did not take on its current and final incarnation until the 17th century, but even before its founding

Parajanov house-museum

Parajanov, who is one of the most mysterious figures of modern Armenian art, is a contemporary and collaborator of Fellini. He amazes the viewers with imagination, beauty, fantasy,


The Haghartsin Monastery, built in the X-XIII cc, is situated 18 km away from the town of Dilijan, in the woodlands of Tavush region. It is an indescribable example of blend

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin is the center of the Armenian Church, the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is where the Catholicos Of All Armenians lives, and the location of the Etchmiadzin

St. Hripsime Temple

St. Hripsime Temple was founded in 618 by Catholicos Komitas I Aghtsetsi. The temple is one of the most improved and preserved buildings among medieval structures. According to the legend,

St. Gayane Church

St. Gayanh church is built in the 7th century in the City of Echmiadzin, a short walk from the Cathedral of Echmiadzin. St. Gayane was built by Catholicos Ezra I in

Lake Sevan

Despite being one of a few landlocked countries, Armenia is host to the majestic Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the world’s second largest alpine lake covering an area of nearly


Dilijan admires people with its unforgettable beauty and mild climate. If paradise had mountains, forests and springs, it would look like Dilijan.  Its vast territory occupies the banks of Aghstev