• Armenia is one of the oldest and unique countries in the world. Although it has small territories, it offers so much to its foreign guests. You will be admired by picturesque mountainous landscapes, ancient sights, delicious cuisine and finally exciting places for active holiday lovers. Armenia lies in the north-eastern part of the Armenian Plateu between the Caucasus and Asia Minor. In the north and east Armenia borders upon Georgia and Azerbaijan, in the west and south- upon Turkey and Iran. The flag of Armenia is a symbol of the country, its people and its ideas. The flag is tricolor, with three horizontal and equal alternating stripes of red, blue and orange(from top to bottom). The Republic of Armenia occupies a territory of 29 747 square km. It lies 1800 meters above the sea level. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with fast flowing rivers, and few forests.The highest peak is mount Aragats (4090 m), while the lowest point is the ravine of the Debed River (380m). Mount Ararat, which was historically part of Armenia, is the highest mountain in theregion. It is 5165 meters high. It is also a biblical mountain. It is believed that Noah's ark landed here after the Great Flood. Now located in Turkey, but clearly visible in Armenia, it is regarded by the Armenians as a symbol of their land. Because of this, the mountain is present on the Armenian national emblem today. One can see the real beauty ofArarat early in the morning when there is no fog or cloud over it. Armenia is one of the earliest cradles of human civilization. Few countries claim a history that began many thousands of years ago and continues to the present. Armenia has a population of about 3 million. Another 5 million Armenians are spread all over the world. The population of the Republic is mostly Armenians. Armenians are very hospitable and friendly people, but they are a little bit hot-blooded, fiery-tempered and loud-speaking. Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, an eventtraditionally dated to AD 301. Till now the vast majority of the Armenian population is Christian. The Armenian Apostolic Church is the most popular with Armenians. Among other nations living in Armenia are Kurds, Russians, Greeks, a small number of Ukrainians, Georgians and Jews. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. The city lies in the Ararat Valley. It is founded in the 8th century BC, in the year of 782 by king Argishti I, son of Menua. The official language is Armenian, a separate branch of the Indo-European family of languages, with a 39-letter alphabet.
  • Christianity has been the state religion in Armenia since 301.The roots of the Armenian Church go back to the 1st century. According to tradition, the Armenian Church was founded by two of Jesus twelve apostles Thaddaeus and Bartholomew who preached Christianity in Armenia. Because of these two founding apostles, the official name of the Armenian Church is Armenian Apostolic Church. The great apostle of Armenia was St Gregory the Illuminator (257-337). He started to spread Christianitythroughout the country. Almost all Pagan temples were destroyed, and Christian churches were built in their places. The church played an undeniable role in Armenian history. After losing independence, Armenian Church took upon itself the burden of preservation and development of culture. For centuries, the church brought people up in the spirit of patriotism and national consciousness. The predominant religion in Armenia is Christianity. The vast majority of Armenians (over 91% of Armenian Christians) belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.There are also adherents to Catholic, Evangelical, and Protestant denominations. The head of the church is the Catholicos of All Armenians, who resides in Holy Echmiadzin. The Armenian Church has played an important role in preserving the history and culture of its people.
  • The official language of the country is Armenian. It belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. As soon as Armenia became the first country to declare Christianity as its state religion, there was a need to translate the Bible. A devoted scholar and monk, Mesrop Mashtots, created the Armenian alphabet. He traveled all over Armenia and gathered the sounds of Armenian speech. In 405 AD he introduced the thirty-six unique characters which make up the basis of the Armenian alphabet. Three letters were added later, in the 10th-12th centuries, for a total of 39 letters. Armenian is a complex and beautiful language. There are about 6 million speakers mainly in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and also in many other countries, including Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and the USA.
  • In 1995 the first Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Armenia is a presidential republic. The head of the state is the President of the Republic. He is elected by the citizens of the Republic of Armenia for a five-year term. The highest legislative body is the National Assembly, which enacts laws. The National Assembly is elected by popular vote for a five-year term. On 6 December 2015, a constitutional referendum was held in Armenia. The proposed amendments to the constitution would change the country from having a semi-presidential system to being a parliamentary republic. The changes are planned to take place during the 2017–2018 electoral cycle.
  • Armenians are very kind and open-hearted people who warmly welcome the tourists and do their best to make them feel as comfortable as possible in Armenia. Any tourists after the journey around Armenia mention the warm attitude of the locals. So there will be no difficulties in communication at all. And it is also important to know that residents of Yerevan have a good command of Russian language and youth generation speaks not bad English. So you can easily approach them in case you have any questions and they will be glad to help. What concerns the style of clothing, Armenians dress like in Europe, so there are no any special warnings or tips. However, out of Yerevan, there may be some difficulties concerning the language barrier as not all the provincial residents speak English. But they will be very happy to meet you in their land and will entertain you as much as they can.
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