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  • To enter Armenia, foreigners must have a valid passport, entry visa or document of residency status. Minor foreigners may enter Armenia accompanied by parents, a parent or any other legal representative, or if one arrives in his parents, a parent, legal representative or a receiving organization. The citizens of the CIS member-states, the EU member states, and the Schengen Acquis states do not need a visa to travel to Armenia. For the visitors under 18 years old visa is free of charge. The citizens of several countries can get a visa upon arrival in Armenia, at the border checkpoints. In general, the procedure lasts 20-25 minutes. More detailed information regarding visa provision can be found at the web-page of RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Armenia is located in the crossroad of Europe and Asia ¬ between the Black See, Caspian Lake and Mediterranean Sea, and well connected to the World. Although Armenia has no open land borders with it's two neighbors, Turkey and Azerbaijan, the country is easily accessible by any transport from Georgia and Iran. And of course the airspace is open for any Travel to Armenia. There are several ways to visit Armenia by airplane, by train, by car, by bicycle, and by foot. Travel to Armenia by Airplane Armenia has one of the best and modern international airports in the region. Yerevan Airport of ARMENIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS (former Zvartnots Airport is about 12km from the Yerevan was the most modern airport of the former Soviet Union. However, by that time this airport was designed to serve a limited number of passengers, mainly from the Soviet republics, but not from the other countries. Therefore, after the Armenia's independence the Armenian Government signed a concession contract with a foreign investor of Armenian origin to enlarge and renovate the Yerevan Airport. And now Armenia has a modern and secure International Airport recognized and appreciated by international community and the air companies. Armenia has two major passenger airports in Capital Yerevan and Gyumri city, both administered by the ARMENIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS company. Armenia's main Airport is in 12 km from Capital Yerevan. The Airport has a transit zone and provides permission for visiting the city. The airport handles all type commercial aircraft. Yerevan Airport is connected with more than 50 cities of Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. Cities having direct flights to Yerevan are: Paris, Berlin, London, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Athens, Rome, Verona, Barcelona, Birmingham, Warsaw, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Simferopol, Moscow, Sochi, Kransnodar, Anapa, Samara, Rostov, Volgograd, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Ekatirinburg, Saratov, Vladikovkaz, Saint, Petersburg, Kransoyarsk, Surgut, Tyumen, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Nizhni novgorod, Orenburg, Perm, Ufa, Tbilisi, Tehran, Aleppo, Aktau, Tel¬Aviv, Deli, Beirut, Dubai, Istanbul. 29 International aircraft companies have regular flights to Yerevan, Armenia. See the list of air companies that have flights to Yerevan: Air France, Austrian Airlines, Armavia Air Company, Aeroflot ¬Russian airlines, British Midland Airways, Czech Airlines, Air Baltic, Syrian rab Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Belavia, Atlasjet, Aeroflot ¬Don, Constanta Airlines, Donbassaero, Kavminvodavia, Kuban Airlines, Orengburg Airlines, Russia State Transport Company, Air Company atarstan, Samara Airlines, Saratov Airlines, Ural Airlines, Volga viaexpress, Yamal Airlines, Air Company Scat, UTAIR, Krasair, Vim AviaPolet. Armenia has train connection only with Georgia. Train goes to Tbilisi from “Sasuntsi David” railway station all year around, and to Batumi through Tbilisi only in summer season till October 15th. Ticket prices start from 7000AMD (18$) Armenia has open borders with Georgia in the north and with Iran in the south. Travelling to Armenia by bus or by car is very easy, for many countries’ citizens getting visas on the borders is very simple procedure which can take about 20 minutes and for the citizens of Shengen zone no visa is required. Meeting of the tourists is held at Zvartnots airport in Yerevan. Accommodation of the tourists in hotels and in other places in Yerevan (private apartments, hostels) as well as depending on the itinerary in other settlements of the Republic
  • The following means of public transportation are available in Armenia: Metro. Yerevan subway system has one line stretching from the north to the south of the city with 10 stations. The fare is 100 AMD. Buses. There are buses running in major directions. The fare is 100 AMD. Minibuses. 12-15 seater minibuses run in almost every direction. The fare is 100 AMD. Taxi Services. There are many taxi service offices, which accept orders by phone and they offer comfortable cars. The fare is 100 AMD per km (the minimum fare is 600 AMD). It is possible to take a taxi also at the crossroads and the crowded places.
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