St. Hripsime Temple

December 7, 2018

St. Hripsime Temple was founded in 618 by Catholicos Komitas I Aghtsetsi. The temple is one of the most improved and preserved buildings among medieval structures. According to the legend, Hripsimeh and other virgins came to Armenia to avoid persecutions of Emperor Diocletian. Then they started to spread Christianity. But all the virgins were chased and killed by the king Tiridates the Great. Later Gregory the Enlightener and king Tiridates built evidence here, with a four-column canopy, which was destroyed by the Persians in the 5th century. The current temple was rebuilt by St. Sahak. The Temple is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage. Inside the Temple, there is a museum, where you can see various works of religious art, including crosses, manuscripts, and objects necessary for religious ceremonies, etc.

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