Parajanov house-museum

December 7, 2018

Parajanov, who is one of the most mysterious figures of modern Armenian art, is a contemporary and collaborator of Fellini. He amazes the viewers with imagination, beauty, fantasy, and artistry. Paradjanov’s new style and fresh spirit are seen in all his works presented in his museum. Sergey Parajanov Museum was opened in 1991, a year after the artist’s death. The museum has 2 floors. It is located in a very nice place. It has a courtyard and wooden balconies. This home was being built for Sergey Parajanov, but the artist died before the construction of the building was completed. The building itself has a Caucasian style and original design. He is famous in the world by his “The color of pomegranate” film, which is a real masterpiece.  The large halls of the museum welcome the visitors to the unexpected world of Parajanov.

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